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Best Massage Guns UK

Don’t rush in to buying a Massage Gun, read our REAL reviews of each of the leading Massage Guns in the Industry and make a wise choice today!

Top 10 Best Massage Guns in the UK

Below we have the Top 10 Massage Guns in the UK that have been reviewed not only by us but by you, the public! We have compiled all of the reviews the good and the bad points of each Massage gun and created a list of what we believe includes the Best Massage Guns in the UK for 2022.

Please Note: This List is subject to change at any time, we constantly update this website to ensure the information is not only accurate but up to date with the latest industry standards and research

Key Features:
⦁ Up to 3200 RPM four speed modes
⦁ 6-hour battery life
⦁ Four interchangeable massage heads

Looking for an on-the-go massage gun? MyoLite might just be the one for you. It is designed by both athletes and physiotherapists, so it is backed with scientific research to do what it claims to do—iron out your muscle complaints. It weighs just under a kilogram, so it is quite lightweight and compact. This small and portable device should not be underestimated because it can still pack a real punch with over 40lbs of stall force. Not exfaceactly as impressive as heavyweight massage gun options out there, but for a low-noise compact device, it is one of the best you can get. The speed is adjustable in four settings for up to 3200 RPM. It also comes with four attachable heads that you can use interchangeably. In addition to that, this massage gun effectively disperses heat during use to avoid skin burn. And its long battery life of 360 minutes makes it the perfect choice for those looking for portability and longevity.

MyoLite Massage Gun
MyoLite Massage Gun Image

Key Features:
⦁ Built-in 360° rotatable ergonomic handle
⦁ Up to 45lbs of stall force and 30 variable speed modes
⦁ Ultra-low noise and long battery life

Enjoy a convenient massage on the go after a long tiring day at work or a heavy weightlifting session with this Urikar Massage Gun. It is your newest super handy assistant in easing muscle tension and pain. Its high-frequency 3400 RPM vibrations that can reach a depth of up to 14mm are made possible by the gun’s dual-bearing and brushless motor. In just three minutes, you can quickly ease soreness and achieve a relaxing post-workout massage whenever and wherever you are. It features an innovative rotatable and non-slip handle that allows you to reach behind your neck and lower back without hassle.

The handle is also ergonomic, so it is comfortable to grip and allows maximum control. As one of the most advanced devices in the massage gun market, it uses dual ST chips for its heat dissipation system that ensures the best performance. On top of that, it functions at super low noise levels of no more than 42dB. Choose easily from its 30-speed modes using its HD touchscreen display. It can provide up to 10 hours of battery life to maximize portability.

Urikar Massage Gun
Urikar Massage Gun Image

Key Features:
⦁ Up to 140 minutes of battery power
⦁ Maximum 3600 RPM range with 3 speed settings and 4 power modes
⦁ Five massage head attachments

Some people go for the pricier options in the market simply because they believe price equates to quality but that is not the case at all. Many cheaper brands can offer you the same features you are looking for in a massage gun like this RENPHO handheld deep tissue massager. Its price point is just below £40, making it one of the top cheapest options out there. With its affordability, you can already enjoy the benefits of relieved muscles. It can be used cordlessly when fully charged and it can run for almost three hours. Also, it offers three power modes and four speed settings ranging up to 3600 RPM which can’t compete with heavy-duty guns but for its price, it is considerably a good one. It comes with five interchangeable heads, however, instead of rubber, the heads are made of hard plastic. They still do a good job on muscle recovery though so, it’s definitely still one to consider.

RENPHO Handheld Deep Tissue Massage Gun
RENPHO Handheld Massage Gun Image

Key Features:


The Theragun PRO is one of the most advanced Massage Guns with a respectable price tag considering its features. The most unique and best feature of the Theragun PRO is it’s choice of FOUR different arm positions, meaning you can slightly change its position if you are struggling to reach a certain position/spot on your body, it also has an ergonomic handle design so you don’t have to strain to reach awkward parts that you couldn’t with other entry level guns.

Secondly this gun is perfect for Deep Tissue massage as the gun itself is more that powerful to treat such injuries/tweaks in the body, that being said it’s as quiet as as your everyday Massage Gun, meaning you get the relief you want but with no increase of noise from the gun itself.

With customizable speeds/pulses and a smart App integration, this really is the gun from the future!

Theragun Pro Massage Gun
Theragun Pro Massage Gun Image with Attachments

Key Features:
⦁ 40-minute battery
⦁ Lightweight ergonomic design
⦁ 175-degree articulating head

Don’t get intimidated with TimTam Power Massager Pro’s bulky bone-shattering-looking appearance because it is actually one of the most trusted and recommended massage guns in the market. As one of the first ever massage guns, this brand has quite the number of fans from physical therapists and gym-goers to celebrities like podcaster Joe Rogan, and even athletes like Olympic bronze medalist Dominique Blake. It offers a powerful 2800-stroke per minute feature and its use of antibacterial plastic sets it apart from the rest. The only downside is that it runs out of power quite fast as it only promises 40 minutes with every full charge. Still, battery power may not be so important when every minute it offers gives you significant relief. Its lightweight ergonomic design gives you a comfortable grip for maximum control. Its 175-degree articulating head allows it to target deep-seated muscle pain while still keeping noise levels at just 25dB. It definitely lives up to the fame and reputation that it has garnered over the years.

TimTam Power Massager Pro Massage Gun
TimTam Power Massager Pro Massage Gun Image

Key Features:
⦁ Six replaceable heads
⦁ 30 speed levels
⦁ Long battery life of 8 hours

ANSGEC Massage Gun may look more intimidating than others but its price point might just be the thing that entices you to get it. For a massage gun that costs less than £100, and offers you high-quality features at that, you might just regret overlooking this brand. It offers 30—yes, thirty—different speed settings that you can easily adjust on its LED touch screen. Some pricey massage guns don’t even have a built-in LED screen but this one has, and it feels truly luxurious. It is also a great choice for on-the-go busy bees thanks to its 8-hour long battery life. The set comes with six massage heads that you can use interchangeably to target the right spot with accuracy and precision. Not all the heads are rubber though, as some are plastic but even those can still effectively provide muscle relief. For easy carrying, it includes a storage bag to keep the massage gun and its heads all in one place.

Ansgec Massage gun
ANSGEC Massage Gun Set Image

Key Features:
⦁ Four head attachments
⦁ Up to 2400 RPM five-speed setting
⦁ 120-minute battery life

The Theragun Prime may be on the pricier side of the spectrum but it is costly for a good reason. It offers many great features beyond the physical aspects as it has its own app which you can connect to. There, you can monitor your progress, adjust the settings, and enjoy many other convenient functions. You can play around with five speed modes ranging up to 2400 RPM. Its 120-minute battery life also allows you to enjoy its features cordlessly and this makes it portable too. The unique triangular shape of its handle gives you a comfortable grip for maximum control. While it might be the best option for sports staff and experts, it is not necessarily a must-have for average gym goers. There are other cheaper options that can give you the same results. But if you have the means to splurge on a luxury massage gun, then there’s no reason for you not to.

TheraGun Prime Massage Gun
TheraGun Prime Massage Gun Image

Key Features:
⦁ Built-in LCD touch screen
⦁ Up to 3300 strokes per minute, 20 speed settings
⦁ Long 8-hour battery power

If the basic benefits of a massage gun are all you need, and you don’t care much for luxury features, then don’t think twice about getting this FYLINA massage gun. It is an affordable option that is perfect for relieving soreness from hunching over your laptop or for quick muscle recovery after your gym session. This model may not live up to the expectations of a CrossFit enthusiast but for the average person, it can satisfy the need for muscle relief just right. For its price point, it is impressive that it has an LCD touch screen where you can adjust the settings. It even offers 20 speed modes leading up to 3300 strokes per minute. In addition to that, it can last much longer than other massage guns as it claims to have an 8-hour battery life. You won’t have to worry about disturbing others with its sound either because it operates at a low-noise level with just 40 dB.

FYLINA Massage Gun
FYLINA Massage Gun Image

Key Features:
⦁ Six attachable massage gun heads
⦁ Four speed modes
⦁ Convenient USB settings

Feel Free to read their Product Specifications PDF

The Power Plate Pulse is not the first product that this company has come out with. Because of the company’s respectable reputation in the market, they are quite reliable and recommended by many experts hence, their price point. The massage gun has an ergonomic shape with a non-slip handle for a comfortable grip and good overall control. The set includes six attachments in different styles offering a wide variety of functions. These heads include a ball attachment and a forked one to target different muscle groups precisely. You can adjust the speed settings in four different modes to match your pressure threshold. It also has convenient USB settings for easy compatibility when recharging the massage gun. Thankfully, it allows for wireless use, so portability is one of its strong suits. Taking it with you to the gym or keeping it in the car won’t be a problem at all.

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Power Plate Pulse Massage Gun
Power Plate Pulse Massage Gun Image

Key Features:
⦁ Five replaceable massage heads
⦁ Five speed settings
⦁ Long 240-minute battery power

The RecovaPro Se is not exactly cheap but there is a good reason behind this price point and their massive fanbase all over the world. This massage gun is known to be sturdy, durable, and most of all dependable. It has a super sleek design with an ergonomic shape and non-slip handle to give you that comfortable grip. You can replace the head with the five attachments it comes with to satisfy your deep massage needs. Set the pace to one of its five speed settings to cater both heavy and light-pressure preferences as well. Its long 240-minute battery life makes it the ideal option for on-the-go massage gun-looking individuals. It is super handy and easy to carry—perfect for gym, home, and anywhere use. But if £230 is just way above your budget, no need to worry as you can still find good-quality alternatives for half the price. Although you can’t really expect to get the high-quality luxury features of the RecovaPro Se in cheaper models, as long is gets the work done, it’s safe to say they’re just as good.

RecovaPro Se Massage Gun
RecovaPro Se Massage Gun Image

Best Massage Guns

Hunching over your computer for hours a day, jumping spine-first into a set of heavy workouts, or age-related muscle complaints not doing your body any favours? You don’t just want a massage—you need one! But the idea of a complete stranger being all touchy with your back is not the greatest thing to look forward to and you can’t have one exactly when you need it either, so should you cancel your massage appointment? You don’t even have to book one!

That’s what massage guns are for.

Massage guns are power tool-looking devices, but they offer great physical benefits like relaxed muscles, good blood flow, and decreased muscle tension. Basically, it aids muscle recovery and combats body soreness. Massage guns work through rapid percussive movements to enhance blood flow, soften tight muscle knots, and overall, stimulate the muscles. They also enhance the production of endorphins in your body as they hit the right pressure points.

Using a massage gun on a daily basis, either as a pre or post workout routine, will do wonders for your tired body. The best part is that you can do them by yourself anywhere and anytime you need a deep tissue massage. They are a more practical and safer alternative to massage parlor appointments.

BestMassageGuns Logo Established 2021!

When Should you use massage Guns?

Safety precautions worth noting include turning the device on prior to skin contact, avoiding excessive pressure and running over joints, and not digging into trigger points.

Pre-Workout Warmup

Flushing, or simply moving the massage head up and down the muscle area promotes blood flow and circulation to stimulate the nervous system. Doing this back and forth between 15 to 20 seconds should be enough to prep your body.

Mid-Workout Treatment

Most gym-goers agree to having breaks in between workouts to boost performance. To maximise this break, flush tense muscle groups for 15 to 20 seconds. Doing so decreases muscle tension by increasing blood flow. Overall, it excites and loosens up the muscles to get them ready for the remainder of your workout.

Post Workout Recovery

Moving the massage gun up and down your muscles for 90 to 120 seconds should do the trick in relieving your muscles after a heavy workout. It decreases cortisol (stress) levels making room for optimal muscle recovery.

Testimonials website helped me decide what Massage Gun works best for me, after reading a few of your reviews of each gun I made a purchase and it now comes to me to gym every time I go.


I get tight hamstring muscles from running and playing football, I invested in a Massage Gun recommended by Best Massage Guns and this tool is now my new best friend, I use it before and after football matches. I just wish I purchased one sooner!


How to use Massage Guns

Read out New Guide on How to Use Massage guns to their fullest potential and also outlining what you shouldn’t be doing with your massage gun, ensuring you don’t make any silly mistakes that can easily be avoided, remember we want to fix your body, not cause more aches and issues!

How to use massage guns

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